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Samsung M370 review: Simply reliable

Not everyone wants or needs a smartphone. This simple flip phone for Sprint updates the Ol' Reliable clamshell design.

Samsung SPH-M370, Samsung M370
Josh Miller/CNET

This may come as a shock, but some people actually want a flip phone.

In fact, I receive plenty of e-mails asking for recommendations from the non-techy and budget-conscious, young parents who want durability without the fuss, elderly neighbors, and people seeking a complementary device for audio only.

I can now suggest the Samsung SPH-M370. Its design is decently attractive, the buttons are large and easy to press, and I found the call quality was pretty good. At $20 with a new, two-year contract, the price is just as uncomplicated as everything else.

See the video, photos, pros, and cons in my full Samsung SPH-M370 review.