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Samsung LNC750 series boasts 240Hz and Interactive 'apps,' but no LED

The Samsung LNC750 series of LCD TVs tops the company's lineup of non-LED-backlit models, including a 240Hz refresh rate and access to "apps."

The Samsung LNC750 series of LCD TVs tops the company's lineup of non-LED-backlit models. Samsung

Our favorite LCD TV from last year, despite the fact that it didn't include LED backlighting, was the Samsung LNB750 series. The successor to that model, which again represents the company's highest-end non-LED series, is the LNC750.

Judging from the specs, Samsung didn't do much to change this set. It still includes 240Hz processing and the company's glossy screen coating, which it calls "Ultra Clear." The main external difference is the addition of a slick quad-leg stand.

Internally, the company has upped the interactive ante for 2010. The company's interactive feature suite still includes Internet @ TV (i.e. Yahoo widgets) and adds Samsung Apps. The widgets should operate similarly to last year's models' (although hopefully they're less sluggish now), while the Apps are Samsung's new proprietary content portal. As of now, it's not perfectly clear exactly how it will work; Samsung says that the first free apps will launch in the spring, with premium apps following in the summer. We talked to Samsung's reps and although official word is still unavailable, unofficially they they admitted that Apps like Vudu and Netflix would be free.

Samsung LNB750 features:

  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • Interactive capability with Samsung Internet @ TV and Samsung Apps

Samsung didn't specify screen sizes for the LNC750 series, nor did it list pricing or availability beyond saying simply "first half of 2010." We'll update this section when we have more information.