Samsung launches kid-friendly Corby

Samsung's new Corby aims at the pre-teen market with a touch-screen design and midrange features.

Samsung Corby Samsung

Cell phone for tweens have never really caught on, not least because many kids reaching their preteen years these days have used cell phones since birth. Also, though parents may love the cost-saving features on the handsets, kids want something that's cool in the schoolyard.

Samsung, however, is undeterred in this quest. And to its credit, the new kid-friendly Corby may pass the coolness test. The design is very much a smaller version of Samsung's recent crop of touch-screen phones. You'll find a similar shape and a 262,000 touch-screen with Samsung's TouchWiz interface and a virtual keyboard. The Corby's front face is basic black, but it comes with interchangeable rear covers in yellow, white, orange, and pink for a bit of personalization.

Features include a 2-megapixel camera, a music player, messaging, a browser with one-finger zoom, a speakerphone, a MicroSD card slot, and apps for social-networking services like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

The Corby is GSM quadband with support for EDGE, though Samsung is only releasing it in the European market at the time of this writing. Its initial price is 150 euros, or approximately $213.

(Source: Samsung via Phonescoop)

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