Samsung launches A237, M220, M320

Samsung introduces a new cell phone for AT&T and two new handsets for Sprint.

Samsung SGH-A237

As soon as Labor Day passes, the autumn onslaught of new cell phones begins. Sure, the holiday season may still be far off, but manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung waste no time in rolling out their new handsets. On Tuesday, Samsung debuted three new models, the SGH-A237 for AT&T and the SPH-M220 and SPH-M320 for Sprint. Though none of the models will send shivers up your spine, Samsung is as eager as ever to prove that not all if its cell phones need to be fancy and pricey. And on that front, the company usually succeeds.

Samsung SPH-M220 Samsung

The SGH-A237 is a curvy flip phone in red or blue. The feature set fits the Samsung mold of a low-end camera phone. Inside you'll find a VGA camera, e-mail,messaging, Bluetooth, personal organizer options, a wireless Web browser, a voice recorder, a vibrate mode, and a speakerphone. The SGH-A237 is $19 with a two-year contract and a $30 mail-in rebate.

Samsung SPH-M320

The Sprint handsets are almost the same, except that the M320 offers a VGA camera and a voice memo recorder. Features shared between the two handsets include messaging and e-mail, voice dialing, personal organizer options, a speakerphone, Bluetooth, a vibrate mode, and support for Sprint's NFL Mobile Live application. The M320 is $19 and the M22 is $29, both with a two-year contract. We'll have reviews of all three models in the next few days.

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