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Samsung launches 5G gaming service

Electronics giant says the service is designed for its new Galaxy S10 5G smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will come with a one-month premium Hatch 5G gaming subscription.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Samsung has launched a 5G gaming app in partnership with cloud-streaming game service Hatch.

The Hatch for Samsung app is designed for the Galaxy S10 5G and for use with 5G mobile networks such as those launched by Sprint and Verizon.

5G, also already launched in the US by AT&T, is the next-generation network being used by smartphones to provide faster speeds and more capacity.

"The blazing fast speed and low latency of 5G will totally transform mobile gaming, so we're thrilled to work with Hatch to pioneer 5G gaming in the US," Chris Jo, Samsung Electronics America's head of services, said in a statement.

The app comes with more than 100 games with no in-game purchases and no downloads required.

Some of the games include Hitman Go, Monument Valley, Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Arkanoid Rising.

The new Galaxy S10 5G phone comes with a one-month subscription to Hatch Premium, accessible via the device's Game Launcher.

The service had previously been launched in Samsung's home market of Korea, said Hatch co-founder Vesa Jutila.