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Samsung knocks Apple Maps in Sydney marketing stunt

As part of a new marketing trick in Australia, Samsung's poking fun at a recent Apple Maps issue that left some people stranded in the desert.

Samsung is apparently not keen on letting Apple's recent Maps mishap in Australia go unnoticed, and is poking fun of its rival in downtown Sydney today.

CNET Australia has snapped pics of a little guerrilla marketing by Samsung featuring a muddied-up vehicle with a tent and other camping supplies. Next to it is a sign that says, "Oops, should have gotten a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust."

Nic Healey/CNET Australia
Nic Healey/CNET Australia

The lost vehicle and signage, of course, are referring to recent incidences of people getting stranded in a wilderness area around Australia's Murray-Sunset National Park instead of the town of Mildura after searching for the latter in Apple's Maps software.

Over the weekend, local Australian police put out a notice encouraging iPhone owners to rely instead on paper maps or an alternate GPS system. The issue has since been fixed and attributed, in part, to a double listing in the national GPS database.

Samsung's poke at Apple is just its most recent marketing attack. The company has put considerable resources into a TV advertising campaign knocking Apple's devices as under-featured, and those who shop for it as out of touch.

The two companies continue to duke it out in the courtroom, with some of the fallout from the August verdict -- which found Samsung had infringed Apple's patents involving the iPhone and iPad -- to be determined over the next few weeks.