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Samsung kidnaps iPhone 5 owner on 'Conan'

Just as an intern for "Conan" gets an exclusive, advance iPhone 5, men in dark suits arrive. It is patently painful.

TeamCoco Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Late night talk show suits simply can't get enough of tech these days. You'd think they were desperate for someone to laugh at their jokes online, because no one's watching on TV.

First Conan O'Brien helped Amazon launch its new $5 Kindle Fire. Then Jimmy Kimmel succeeded in fooling Angelenos into believing that the iPhone 4S was really the iPhone 5.

Now Conan is counterpunching with what his team says is exclusive video of their intern who was sent to pick up an exclusive iPhone 5 just for the show's use.

There is Colton wandering back to the studios, his cute little Apple bag at his side.

Suddenly, he is waylaid by those with nefarious intentions.

Who might these people be? The Samsung logo on the side of their van is something of a giveaway. However, it is unclear what they have done with their takeaway.

Will there suddenly be a narrower version of the Galaxy S3 appearing on public shelving?

Will it be called the Galaxy S5?

That's the thing about the cutthroat world of tech. There's always another hijacking around the corner.

Say hi to Apple's new jack, for example. That'll be $29. Thank you.