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Samsung introduces SL series of budget ultracompacts

Between two similar cameras, one's notable wide-angle lens stands out.

Samsung SL310W
Samsung SL310W Samsung

Samsung just introduced two new budget models under a new "SL" series moniker. As seems to be rapidly becoming a trend, the SL310W incorporates a relatively wide-angle, optically-stabilized 28-100mm 3.6x zoom lens, and a probably unlucky 13-megapixel resolution (high resolution sensors rarely make sense in snapshot cameras).

Samsung SL201
Samsung SL201 Samsung

Its bargain-priced sibling, the SL201, has a more typical feature set: 10-megapixel sensor and 3X zoom lens. It can charge the battery via the USB connector, which is a nice, and has a metal chassis. Both cameras have 2.7-inch LCDs.

Slated to ship in September, the SL310W will cost $229.95, while the SL201 is aggressively priced at $169.95; the latter will come in black, silver, and pink.