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Samsung introduces a rugged push-to-talk phone

Samsung and AT&T come together to announce the SGH-a657, a sturdy phone with push-to-talk abilities.

Samsung SGH-a657

Samsung and AT&T just announced the Samsung SGH-a657, a rugged phone with push-to-talk capabilities. We don't usually hear about AT&T's push-to-talk service, so it's nice to see the company hasn't let it die away. Like a lot of push-to-talk phones, the SGH-a657 is military certified against dust, shock, vibration, raid, humidity, solar radiation, and altitude and temperature extremes. It has a rubberized handle and a built-in flashlight.

Features of the SGH-a657 are fairly advanced for a push-to-talk phone and they include mobile e-mail, A-GPS, stereo Bluetooth, a music player, 3G speeds, access to AT&T's broadband services like AT&T Cellular Video, quad-band support, a microSD card slot, and more. Looks like the phone is only available via AT&T's business channel.

Samsung SGH-A657