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Samsung Instinct to require $70 service plan

The new Samsung Instinct for Sprint will requite a $70 per month unlimited data plan.

Last week we told you that the highly-anticipated Samsung Instinct would goes on sale on Friday, June 20. Though the exact price of the Instinct is still unknown--Sprint is promising that it will cost less than $300--today the carrier announced that the slick touch-screen phone will require a $70 per month voice and data plan.

The "Simply Everything" plan will give customers unlimited data and messaging on the Internet-centric handset. Night and weekend minutes will be unlimited as well, but anytime calls will be capped at 450 minutes.

In comparison, the cheapest plan for the iPhone runs $60 per month. Though it also offers unlimited data and 450 anytime minutes, customers are limited to 200 text messages and 5,000 night and weekend minutes. It's uncertain how the iPhone plans will change when Apple announces the 3G iPhone, but it is clear that with the Instinct, Samsung and Sprint are trying to give Apple and AT&T some competition.