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Samsung i620: Curious Qwerty slider

The Samsung i620 boasts an utterly pointless slide-out keypad -- we think the Korean manufacturer has finally run out of ideas with this chunky thing

It's finally happened. Samsung has released so many handsets that it's completely run out of ideas. This chunky thing, called the i620, runs Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition and packs a full Qwerty keypad tucked beneath the front section. What's the point?

Not that we don't like slider phones, but this is pushing things too far. While we've only just got our hands on it, we're pretty sure the hidden Qwerty keypad is a bad idea. To be fair, we do like that the i620 offers HSPDA (3.5G) for fast access to the Internet, and the mechanical scroll wheel is handy for quickly searching through contacts.

But overall we don't get this phone. It's not that small, it's not that sexy and it only has a 2-megapixel camera. The Qwerty keypad is too flat and squashed together for our liking. Come on Samsung, we know you can do better -- we've seen it. Bring on the Samsung i550 and i780.

The Samsung i620 is currently available from eXpansys for around £310. We imagine you're absolutely gagging for the imminent full review. -Andrew Lim