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Samsung HW-C450 sound bar: Superthin, but sounds big

CNET reviews the Samsung HW-C450, finding it an exceedingly thin sound bar home theater system that sounds surprisingly good with movies, but lacks HDMI connectivity.

Samsung HW-C450
It's only 1.77 inches thick, even with built-in amplification.

Sound bars aren't as thin as the slimmest HDTVs yet, but the Samsung HW-C450 ($300 street price) is getting close. It is less than 2 inches thick, which seems almost impossibly thin, considering the fact that it houses six drivers and built-in amplification. Even more impressive is that Samsung manages to get some great sound quality out of those cramped quarters (plus a wireless subwoofer), with better-than-average sonic detail on movies.

Music, on the other hand, sounds a little disappointing, and JVC's somewhat heftier TH-BA1 is a better pick if you plan on listening to more than TV and movies. Our other main knock against the HW-C450 is the lack of HDMI connectivity, especially when the competing Sony HT-CT150 ($300 street price) has three HDMI inputs, all capable of 3D video pass-through.

If the lack of HDMI connectivity doesn't bother you, the Samsung HW-C450 is one of the sleekest sound bar home theater systems we've tested, making it a good pick for style-minded buyers who mostly watch movies.

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Samsung HW-C450