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Samsung Hue II: New and improved

The Samsung Hue II is a very solid midrange cell phone for Alltel service.

When we saw Alltel's original Samsung Hue, we thought it was a decent phone, but we had a few issues as well. Most of all, we didn't care for the flat and slippery navigation controls. They didn't ruin our experience completely, but they weren't ideal for rapid texting.

With the new Samsung Hue II, however, we found some much needed refinements. The keypad and controls remain flush, but they're separated into individual buttons, which gives them a better feel beneath the finger. We also liked the good call quality, vibrant display, and functional feature set that includes Bluetooth.

The exterior has been redesigned just a bit, but you get the changeable faceplates. On the downside, the exterior display is a tad small, even if it's no longer vertical. Also, while the phone has a nice feeling in the hand, the hinge was a tad loose.

But even with those caveats, the Hue II is a dependable midrange phone for Alltel and we appreciate its improvements from the original Hue. Check out our Samsung Hue II review for the full story and see our Samsung Hue II photos.