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Samsung: How we succeed against the Apple cult

David Eun, executive vice president of Samsung's Open Innovation Center, explains why the company means business. It's down to entrepreneurialism.

"Me? A cult member? Noooooo." Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's the big screens on the phones, right?

Or if it isn't that, it's the sheer scale of the operation.

Maybe it's simply the very funny ads that make Apple cult members look like, well, tools of the establishment. One Samsung executive was recently moved to declare that bashing Apple works.

Each element, in its way, might describe a part of why Samsung has made such significant inroads into Apple's consciousness.

But, when asked at the Business Insider Ignition conference what it was that drove the company to its heights, David Eun, executive vice president of Samsung's Open Innovation Center, said it came down to one concept: entrepreneurialism.

He explained: "Samsung is a very entrepreneurial story. The company set large goals for itself and has been bold in its execution."

So there you have it. The world of your essential gadgets is a fight between one company that claims to have excellence at its core and another that worships at the altar of the entrepreneur.

It's Art vs. Business. It's Idealism vs. Realism. It's Dream vs. Do.

Let's at least try to believe that for a moment. Let's also pause to consider whether the current legal case proceeding through California's courts might offer a small reflection of this supposedly different thinking.

On Wednesday, Apple asked for $380 million in damages for having its work copied. Samsung countered with an offer of $52 million.

So Apple's dreaming and Samsung is being entrepreneurial? It's almost like a new Ayn Rand novel.

I cannot wait to see if Judge Lucy Koh is moved by idealism or entrepreneurialism when she's finally bored of listening to the lawyers.