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Samsung HL61A750 reviewed, nabs Editors' Choice

CNET has reviewed the Samsung HL61A750, giving it an Editors' Choice award, but also wonders how much longer rear-projection HDTVs will be available.

The Samsung HL61A750 snagged an Editors' Choice award, but is it the last rear-projection HDTV to do so?

CNET's review of the Samsung HL61A750 just went up, and if you're still open to the idea of a rear-projection HDTV, it deserves a long look. With the HL61A750, you'll get a 61-inch 1080p HDTV for less than $2,000, which is one of the best screen size-to-price ratios you'll find. Not only that, but the HL61A750 bests the competition in terms performance, with very accurate color and respectable black levels. (Granted, that competition only includes Mitsubishi, as just about everyone else has left the rear-projection biz.)

Perhaps the more interesting question is: how much longer will rear-projection HDTVs be around? Will we be able to give a rear-projection HDTV an Editors' Choice next year, or will large screen flat-panels drop in price enough to make rear-pros an irrelevant category? Let us know what you think in the comments.