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Samsung: Here's proof Galaxy S5 users aren't wall-huggers

To support its claim that Galaxy users aren't chained to power outlets like iPhone users are, Samsung releases a film that purports to show a charge-free cross-country road trip.

Of course they took selfies. Doesn't everyone? Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you own an iPhone, you've probably become even more self-conscious recently.

Ever since Samsung exposed you for being permanently attached to the world's power outlets, you've increased your visits to your psychologist and noticed you're drinking a little more heavily.

Being mocked so publicly for your gadget's alleged battery deficiencies can be too much to bear.

Samsung, though, isn't going to stop.

Yesterday, it released a video that it claims shows two very nice boys driving across country and not once having to recharge their Galaxy S5.

These two men go from east coast to west, frolicking wherever they go and adoring the fact that they don't have be anywhere near a wall.

Walls have ears. They also have a way of making you feel bad about yourself.

Samsung says that the two men traveled 3,504 miles, a journey that took 150 hours. They allegedly took 119 photos, sent 86 texts, shot 4 minutes of video (only 4 minutes? Why?) and enjoyed 16 minutes of talk time.

Naturally, they set their Galaxy S5 to its Ultra Power Saving Mode.

This video will surely force the more intrepid and the skeptical to see if they can replicate this trip. And I await to hear the results.