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Samsung gussies up TouchWiz mobile interface

Samsung introduces its revamped TouchWiz interface for smartphones with more 3D effects, gestures, and more.


We're still one week away from the official start of GSMA Mobile World Congress, but Samsung's getting the party started early by introducing its revamped TouchWiz user interface.

Making the announcement in Korea on Monday, the company revealed that it will show off its updated TouchWiz UI in Barcelona, highlighting new features like flashy 3D effects, new gesture controls, better integration of photos and contacts, and more haptic feedback.

There will also be a new widget dock from which you can manage and download widgets for your home screen. This is something we're particularly excited to hear, since the limited number of widgets was one of our main complaints about TouchWiz when we first saw it on the Samsung Omnia.

If you already own an Omnia, don't worry; it looks like you will be able to update your smartphone with the new UI. We'll be getting a better look at the new TouchWiz when we get to Mobile World Congress, so be sure to check back for our full coverage when the show starts on February 16.

(Source: I4U via Engagdet Mobile)