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Samsung GreatCall r220 review: Simple and slimmer

The Samsung GreatCall r220, also known as the Jitterbug Plus, is a simple phone aimed at seniors.

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Today, the mobile virtual-network operator known as GreatCall announced its latest cell phone for the elderly: the Samsung GreatCall r220.

Also known as the Jitterbug Plus, this feature phone looks a lot more modern than older Jitterbug models.

In addition to a big keypad and a clear user interface, several emergency and wellness services tie in with the handset. One is 5Star Urgent Response. When you're in an emergency situation or feel unsafe (for example, while walking to your car at night in an empty parking lot), you can call a live agent, available 24-7. The agent can then assess the situation you're in, track your location, stay on the line with you, and if worst comes to worst, contact emergency response personnel.

Although these services are useful, they do come with an extra monthly fee on top of your talk and text plan. And on the device side, the specs aren't anything to write home about. For more on this phone to see if it's right for you or a loved one, read my full review here.