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Samsung Gravity Smart review: The Gravity grows up

Android 2.2 Froyo joins this iteration of the more mature Samsung Gravity Smart messaging smartphone for T-Mobile.

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The words "Samsung Gravity phone" immediately conjure images of tall feature phones with funky-shaped keys, QWERTY sliders, and pronounced accents in flame or neon colors. Take the Samsung Gravity Smart, then, as the mature member of this fun-loving family for T-Mobile. It's brainier, running Android 2.2 Froyo instead of Samsung's own feature phone OS. It also veers away from electric blue and blow-your-eyes lime with color options that tend toward the more subdued--a lush berry is this handset's most pulse-quickening hue (don't worry, even the lunar gray color still has its bright elements.)

Messaging remains the Gravity Smart's true purpose, and to that end, a virtual Swype keyboard joins the responsive (but sometimes awkward) physical keyboard. Despite the nits we have to pick with certain design elements, the Gravity Smart's middle-of-the-road hardware specs will suit a certain demographic just fine, and will serve them well.