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Samsung goes to plan B...X

The Samsung SyncMaster BX2350, judged!

The BX2350's chrome feet. Josh P. Miller

In the last year Samsung has taken the success of its SyncMaster XL2370 and run with it. Last March the company followed it up with the PX2370 and now it's time for plan B.

BX that is. The Samsung SyncMaster BX2350 is the third LED-based monitor released by Samsung since September 2009.

The biggest, noticeable difference from its predecessors are its two chrome feet, which take the place of the circular stand found on the previous models. That's right, chrome feet. How awesome is that?!...

But chrome feet do not a great monitor make. Most consumers require at least a decent screen and maybe a few useful features before they consider it worth their cash. Check out the full review to see just how worthy the BX2350 is.

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