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Samsung VR lets you climb the Sydney Opera House, no vertigo in sight

Visitors to the Sydney Opera House can now see Jørn Utzon's iconic architectural masterpiece from a giddy new angle, with a VR tour that goes all the way to the top of the sails.

The Samsung VR lounge at the Sydney Opera House includes a video art installation featuring the iconic building.

Sam Doust/Samsung

Climbing the Harbour Bridge, taking the ferry to Luna you can add "check out the view from the top of the Opera House sails" to your Sydney tourist bucket list.

Samsung has launched a new VR experience to give visitors of the Opera House the experience of climbing the sails and checking out the view in 360-degree detail while you're up there. But there's a catch -- you'll need to be inside the Opera House to do it.

It's all part of the Opera House's bid to bring itself into the 21st Century and make the venue more accessible to visitors (it's a beautiful building, but being unfortunately shaped like a giant fortress means many tourists don't know they can go inside the building for free).

As part of its partnership with the Opera House, Samsung has rolled out a VR lounge inside the main lobby of the concrete megastructure, complete with Gear headsets for seeing the birds-eye-view of the building, wireless charging tables for getting some pre-show juice, and a bar (for pre-show juice of a different kind).

There's also a massive display showing kaleidoscopic images from inside the unseen corners of the Opera House, and archival footage of Jørn Utzon's architectural marvel being built, giving you a vivid picture of the complex project and its '60s-era workplace safety laws.

At this stage, the VR experience is only open to people visiting the Opera House, which is a bit of a pity -- it would be great to give kids in the outback or people in remote Australia a taste of Sydney and its iconic skyline.

Purists might find it strange to have their experience of Sydney history sponsored by a massive tech company, but for VR fans who find themselves down on the Harbour, it's a pretty awesome way to check out the Sydney skyline without leaving your seat, or spending a cent.

The VR experience takes viewers to the very top of the Opera House, which is normally off limits to the public.