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​Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch arrives November 18, starting at $350

Preorders for the smartwatch start on November 6.

Sarah Tew/CNET
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Samsung's next-generation Gear S3 smartwatch, unveiled back in August, is arriving soon.

Both the Gear S3 LTE-connected and Bluetooth-only versions will arrive in time for the holidays, hitting US shelves on November 18. Preorders start November 6.

According to Samsung's press release, the watches will be available at Best Buy, Amazon, Macy's and, and "participating wireless providers."

The Gear S3 is larger than the previous Gear S2 smartwatch, but has a larger battery, built-in GPS and optional cellular connectivity. The watches also support Spotify and Samsung Pay, including using MST technology to work at older credit card terminals that aren't contactless-enabled. Like the older Gear S2, the new watch has Samsung's own Tizen-based OS and apps, but works with other Android phones.

Both models -- a rugged-sport style Gear S3 Frontier and a more dressy Gear S3 Classic -- will go on sale at the same time. Prices for for specific configurations are still unknown.