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Samsung Gear Fit takes on dedicated fitness trackers

In addition to its two new Gear smartwatches, Samsung has also shown off the very fitness focussed Gear Fit.

Samsung may have shown the Gear 2 and Gear Neo before the start of MWC 2014, but it certainly kept the Gear Fit up its — ahem — sleeve.

The Gear Fit. (Credit: Andrew Hoyle/CNET)

More fitness tracker than smartwatch, the Gear Fit has a thin and curved design, with a Super AMOLED 1.84-inch screen with 432 x 128 resolution. It's also just 27g.

The Gear Fit can be swapped in and out of the different straps – black, grey and orange – and, yes, it has a heart-rate monitor built in.

The Samsung Gear Fit is a Bluetooth 4.0 LE device and is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance. In addition to heart-rate, it also has standard motion tracking for pedometer functions.

The Gear Fit also lets you get your notifications for calls, e-mail, SMS, alarm and the S-Planner. Samsung also says the platform is open to third party app notifications as well.

The Gear Fit includes a personal fitness coaching app which integrates with the heart rate monitor to keep your fitness goals on track.

While the move away from Android for Gear 2 and Neo seemed odd to many, pushing a Gear device directly at the fitness freaks is a solid move for Samsung. It looks like the Gear Fit will be heading for an 11 April launch and we'll have more details on local pricing as they come to hand.