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Samsung Game Pad pops up on Galaxy S4 site, outs Note 3?

The gaming controller works with devices up to 6.3 inches, perhaps suggesting Samsung is planning a bigger phablet, or should we be calling it a "tabone?"

This could soon be how enjoy a quick game on our big ol' tabones. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

During its bizarre unveiling of the Galaxy S4, there were a few accessories that Samsung didn't get to spend much time on. For example, some reporters later stumbled upon a wireless charging feature, and a prototype of a nifty gaming controller that docks with some Galaxy devices while pairing via Bluetooth has also popped up.

The controller is dubbed simply the "Game Pad" and looks an awful lot like it came off of an Xbox 360. Samsung says it is capable of one-touch Bluetooth pairing via Samsung's funky NFC Tectile system, which works with the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 as well, among others. It also functions as a remote control for use with your bigger screens at home.

What's perhaps most interesting about this fairly standard little controller, however, is one little note that's currently on the Game Pad page on Samsung's Galaxy S4 microsite. It notes "4"~6.3" screen size available," which is curious because Samsung's biggest phone at the moment is the Note 2 with a screen size of 5.5 inches.

That is food for speculation right there. Is Samsung planning an even larger phablet? Will the Note 3 be a whopping 6.3 inches? And if so, will it throw the world of pants pocket design into utter chaos?

At that size it's really becoming more tablet than phone, right? Which means it's really more accurate to call it a "tabone." I know what you're thinking, but does it really sound more weird than "phablet?"

Let's just embrace it. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to be the first to declare that I believe Samsung's new Game Pad has just outed the world's first tabone.

Soon enough, it'll just be rolling off our tongues. You'll see.