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Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Y Pro aimed at generation Y

The Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro are a pair of affordable Android smart phones meant for the yoot.

Y oh Y are there so many new phones today? Here's two more: The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro are a brace of blowers aimed at da yoof.

The Y stands for Young in both phones, as they're set to be affordable models, and presumably perfect for annoying everyone with tinny 'tunes' from the back of the bus.

They're powered, or perhaps we should say 'under-powered', by an 832MHz processor wired up to a 1,200mAh battery. They include a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

The Y (pictured right) sports a 3-inch, 240x320-pixel touchscreen and Swype finger-waving text input. The Y Pro (left) boasts a 2.6-inch screen and appeals to email-using, professional-minded young'uns with a physical Qwerty keyboard, pitting it against the traditional favourite of business types and disenfranchised teens: the BlackBerry.

What's in a name? For Samsung, the letter now tells you what you need to know about the phone's price and features: the flagship Galaxy S2 is the top of the range model, followed by the premium R (for Royal) and W (for Wonder), with the M (for Magical) in the mid-range, and these low-cost Y phones enticing the young and skint.

Each phone in these galactic letter constellations will have a suffix to tell you more about its features. The Pro in Y Pro refers to the Qwerty keyboard. Phones tagged with Plus on the end are more powerful versions of existing models, and LTE in a name means the phone uses 4G and so won't be coming to Blighty.

Samsung also unveiled the business-minded Galaxy M Pro and wondrous Galaxy W today.