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Samsung Galaxy Tab to receive Android Gingerbread update within weeks

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab should receive an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread very soon. SIM-free devices will get the update first.

Samsung's rather nifty 7-inch Galaxy Tab will shortly receive an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Recombu's source at Samsung said the update should roll out within the next couple of weeks, and will be made available to SIM-free devices first -- that is, not those bought on a contract from a network provider.

The update should be coming to networks soon as well, though. Three tweeted on Wednesday that the Tab would be getting the update 'soon', although it didn't give a date.

The bad news is that, like all 'droid updates for Samsung devices, you'll have to plug your Tab into a Windows PC and update it using Samsung's Kies software. In our experience, Kies is buggier than a pram race and less pleasant than a mouthful of ants, so we're not exactly looking forward to updating our Tabs.

The Gingerbread update will add user-interface tweaks and a download manager, among other features. The update could also make your tablet a little faster and more nimble in general.

Tab owners will still be smarting from the news that the 7-inch tablet will not be updated with Honeycomb, the tablet-optimised version of Android. We know losing out on Honeycomb is heartbreaking, but take solace in the fact we've been slightly underwhelmed with the Honeycomb tablets we've seen so far. The Tab remains an excellent Android device.

The next Samsung tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, should be out in the UK on 4 August, provided Apple doesn't stop it going on sale.