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Samsung Galaxy Tab official 9-minute hands-on demo video

Samsung has posted a new video of its Galaxy Tab, showing off many of the Android 2.2 tablet's main features, creating buzz for its proper arrival on our shores.

Samsung has released a 9-minute YouTube video with the first official hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab, whetting the appetites of those of you looking to fondle the much-hyped Android 2.2 tablet at launch.

It shows the 7-inch tablet close-up and personal, with a look at many of its features in use. It gives you a good look at its email client, its Swype keyboard software for fast typing and texting, as well as its calendar, which combines info from Google, Facebook and Microsoft Outlook. Samsung also brags about the full-screen view and document-editing features, with the ability to use it for work by connecting it with a keyboard dock -- much like the iPad.

The phonebook merges your contacts' online accounts, so you can easily check their latest Twitterings and Facebook nonsense. You can make calls through the speaker phone or with the bundled stereo headset, so no, you won't have to lift the tablet to your ear. The demo also highlights those exciting/alarming (delete as appropriate) video-conferencing capabilities from the Tab's built-in front-facing camera.

You can see its ebook reader and Readers Hub, a store where you can browse and purchase different books and magazines. Similarly, the Music Hub lets you purchase songs and the Android Market has a plethora of applications. Its Web browser supports HTML 5 and Flash 10.1. There's also a look at its ability to stream HD video to monitors and TVs. Finally, you can see how location-based services work, with the Galaxy Tab's built-in GPS.

This is all running on Android 2.2, with a 1GHz Cortex AS8 processor, a 7-inch 600x1,024-pixel capacitive touchscreen, and the choice of 16GB or 32GB storage.

All well and good, but when are we going to get it and how much will it be? Amazon has listed the price at £600, while networks are likely to subsidise it on contract. No date has been confirmed, but some retailers reckon it'll be here November-ish. Does the video impress you enough to buy it at launch or put it on your Christmas list? Let us know.

Image credit: Engadget