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Galaxy S8's Bixby shopping feature comes to Verizon

The feature was delayed for a few weeks on the network.


Bixby Vision in action.

Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners on the Verizon network can now get the full Bixby experience.

Last month, Verizon said its customers buying the new S8 wouldn't have access to an Amazon shopping feature through the S8's voice assistant called Bixby. The delay created another snag for Samsung's new digital helper, a major selling point for the S8.

A Verizon spokesman said Wednesday the shopping feature "is now being rolled out" to Verizon's customers. The spokesman didn't provide a reason for the weeks-long delay.

The feature lets people take photos of products and then check customer reviews, pricing and even make a purchase through Amazon. A version of this function has been available within the Amazon shopping app already.

Users will see a pop-up within the camera app, showing them a Bixby Vision update is available. People can tap on that notification to download the update.