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The Galaxy S8 looks pretty in pink

Lucky customers in Taiwan will be able to pick up a limited-edition pink Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Taiwan

Still haven't picked up the Samsung Galaxy S8? Well, if you're in Taiwan -- or know someone who is -- you may get the chance to get a special version of the phone. Samsung announced that the Galaxy S8 Plus will arrive in pink as a limited-edition release. 

Samsung is a big fan of these. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge got a pink makeover of their own, and we've also seen Samsung bust out a limited edition coral blue as a way to mix up more monochromatic options like silver, black and gray

A new color may also help boost sales for an already successful phone. Reports from last month claimed that the phone has sold over 5 million times across the globe, while more recent reports claim that there have been over 1 million units sold in South Korea alone. Not bad for Samsung's comeback phone after the Note 7 recall.

Samsung declined to comment when we asked, but we hope Samsung will continue the trend and bring this color or others to more regions.

Samsung is also rumored to launch the Galaxy Note 8 sometime in August or September, hopefully with some more exciting shades than this year's other Galaxy S8s.

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