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Samsung Galaxy S5 to hit shops soon for your fondling pleasure

Samsung is releasing a batch of S5s, Gear 2s and Gear Fits to shops in the US and UK and other countries, starting today.

Josh Miller/CNET

Want to get your hands on the Galaxy S5? You won't have to wait until its 11 April launch day. Samsung is releasing a small batch of S5s to shops in selected countries, including the UK, starting today.

The "Global Preview" starts in the US and Switzerland today, with Samsung promising it "will be expanded" to the UK, China, Germany and other major countries. I've contacted Samsung to find out exactly when it'll be available for you to get your eager Galaxy-appreciating hands on, and I'll update when I hear back.

You'll be able to try out the S5 and the Korean company's latest smart watches -- the Gear 2 and Gear Fit -- at Samsung Experience stores, mobile network shops and high-street retailers.

"We listened closely to our consumers when designing these products," said Younghee Lee, Samsung's executive vice president of global marketing, "and we want to give as many customers as possible the enough chance [sic] to experience of Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit before they purchase."

The S5 is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year, although it doesn't look radically different to the S4. Its fingerprint and heart-rate sensors are its main new selling points, with the ability to confirm PayPal purchases using a swipe of your finger a potential game-changer.

The Gear Fit was the gadget Samsung released at MWC we were most impressed with -- its curved screen is really gorgeous, and it cleverly combines fitness tracking with most of the things you'd want in a smart watch.

All of Samsung's new gadgets go on sale on 11 April around the world -- and we'll have full reviews of each and every one by the time they do.

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