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Samsung Galaxy S5 likely to launch 24 Feb

Invites have gone out for a Samsung event called Unpacked 5 happening at Mobile World Congress in February.

Samsung fans eager to see what the consumer tech giant has planned for the Galaxy S5 can pop a reminder in their calendars for 24 February.

(Screenshot by CNET)

At least, we can't imagine too many other things Samsung is likely to launch at an event called Unpacked 5 being held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The timing is a dash earlier than the Galaxy S3 or S4, both of which were launched in March (in London and New York respectively). And do remember that this will be a formal unveiling — the S4 was shown off in March 2013, but didn't hit retailers until late April.

So, it won't be too much longer until the rampant rumours and speculation give way to press release and spec sheets, but until then you can refresh your memory of the current rumours here.

CNET Australia will be on the ground at MWC to report back on all things Galaxy S5 – and anything else newsworthy as well, of course.