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Samsung Galaxy S4 'Zoom' tipped as 16-megapixel mobile

Samsung is reportedly cooking up a smaller, camera-focused companion for the Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could be getting a camera-centric little brother, in the shape of a rumoured smart phone dubbed the 'Galaxy S4 Zoom'.

The so-called 'Zoom' mobile will sport a whopping 16-megapixel camera, SamMobile reports -- the same number of pixels you can find lurking within Samsung's Galaxy Camera.

The screen meanwhile is tipped to measure 4.3 inches on the diagonal, which would make this mystic mobile considerably smaller than the 5-inch S4. Elsewhere 8GB of storage, a microSD card slot and Android Jelly Bean are rumoured to make an appearance. The megapixel-laden mobile is reckoned to arrive in black and white hues.

A smaller smart phone with a honking great camera glued to its rump might sound bizarre, but in the past Samsung has never been reluctant to mix and match elements from its various gadgets, creating a boatload of Frankenstein devices in a bid to provide gadgets to suit every need and budget.

As any camera whizz will know, the ability of any given snapper isn't solely down to its megapixel count. If the S4 'Zoom' proves real, I'll be looking at sensor size and lens hardware, both of which will impact image quality.

If Samsung is planning on applying the S4 branding to any other gadgets, I'd like to see them rocking equally powerful hardware, or else shoppers could be tricked into paying over the odds for mid-range specs -- something that happened with the Galaxy S3 Mini. Nokia is also rumoured to be cooking up a photo-heavy mobile in the Lumia 928.

A summer release date for the S4 Zoom is mentioned in the original report, though -- as always -- you'd be smart to take unconfirmed reports of new gadgetry with a snifter of salt.

What do you think? Should Samsung make a Galaxy S4 variant with a better camera? Or should it focus on making its core devices better? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.