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Samsung Galaxy S4 spotted in red and blue with double speed

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been glimpsed for the first time in red and blue, firing on double-speed LTE-Advanced.

Warning: this story contains colourful language. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been glimpsed for the first time in red and blue, and boasting super-speedy 4G with bells on.

It's not just the casing that's been brightened up: this is the LTE-Advanced version of the S4, glimpsed in crimson and cobalt blue.

These leaked pictures appear courtesy of Naver, a website in Korea, where the world's first LTE-Advanced 4G network launched this week. LTE-Advanced connects to the Internet at nearly double the rate of today's 4G LTE phones and networks. In fact, if we're being pedantic, LTE-Advanced is true 4G, whereas the networks currently marketed as 4G are technically more like 3.5G or thereabouts.

The first LTE-Advanced network now covers Seoul and other parts of Korea, claiming test speeds of around 100Mbps.

Sadly, we're still a long way off seeing LTE-Advanced in action on Britain's green and pleasant airwaves. EE is the UK's first 4G network, and the other major networks including Vodafone and O2 are yet to announce when they will make they foray into 4G.

We should see a colourful S4 though, with the new Android powerhouse expected in blue and red, to be followed later by purple and brown.

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