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Samsung Galaxy S4 shows off Tizen 3.0

New leaked pictures show Samsung Galaxy S4 running Tizen, Samsung's own brand software designed to cut ties with Android.

Samsung wants to cut ties with Android by developing its own Tizen software -- and new leaked pictures show Tizen in action on the cutting edge Samsung Galaxy S4.

The pictures, appearing on Tizen Indonesia via UnwiredView, show Tizen 3.0.

The software appears to be somewhere between Android, iOS 7 and Windows Phone. The general look seems comfortably similar for anyone used to Android, the pastel colours evoke Apple's next generation of software for iPhone and iPad, and the coloured squares echo Windows Phone's live tiles.

Android has been good to Samsung, helping the Samsung Galaxy range of phones and tablets do boffo business and making the Korean company the biggest phone manufacturer in the world.

But every Galaxy phone with Android is funnelling money back to Google through apps, games, music and movies bought from the Google Play online store. Samsung wants to divert some of that cash into its own pocket.

Which is where Tizen comes from. Developed over the past few years and passed around several phone companies, Tizen finally looks to be nearly ready for public consumption.

Samsung promised the first Samsung phone this spring, but has put it back a few times. Now the first Tizen phone isn't expected to arrive until next year.

Early leaks suggest it'll sport a 720p screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor when it does finally turn up.

Tizen is also intended to power televisions and other devices, so all your Samsung kit talks to each other seamlessly.

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