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Samsung Galaxy S4 on O2 £30 cheaper as upfront cost cut

The blue-hued network has dropped £30 off the price of Samsung's phone -- but is that better than rival networks?

Good news if you're planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 on O2 -- if you haven't already paid, that is. The blue-hued phone flogger has dropped £30 off the upfront cost of the phone, making it cheaper to acquire Samsung's new flagship.

The up-front cost of the Galaxy S4 on a £37 per month contract with unlimited minutes, texts and 2GB of data is now £70, down from £100. The price change was spied by Uswitch, and I've since confirmed the discount with O2.

Day-one prices have been cut across the board. The £37 per month tariff with 600 minutes upfront cost of £100 has been scrapped entirely, as has the upfront fee for the unlimited minutes and 1GB bundle, which used to cost £50. A £42 per month contract with unlimited minutes and 2GB of data has had its immediate fee cut from £100 to a much more palatable £30.

An unnamed O2 spokesperson said, "We're really excited to be bringing the Samsung Galaxy S4 to our customers and these new lower prices will make it available to even more." 

A good deal?

A quick comparison of O2's £37 per month tariff with rival networks suggests that O2 is offering a better deal than some -- but not all.

Orange wants a meatier £100 upfront for the Galaxy S4 with unlimited data, texts and 1GB of Internet. Vodafone meanwhile has a £69 upfront option for the same £37 per month, but it only gets you 1GB of data, not two.

Three has a better offer, hawking Samsung's new flagship for £37 per month with no upfront cost, and unlimited data. If you're keen to pay as much as possible for the S4, EE's £36 per month tariff requires £180 of upfront moolah and nets you just 500MB of data.

That's currently the only way to get the S4 on a 4G contract though, so if you're desperate for faster data, EE is your only option -- until rival networks launch their speedier services later this year.

Are you planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy S4? Or is it a bit too pricey for your tastes? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.