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Samsung Galaxy S4 is £25pm, S4 Mini £17pm in Carphone sale

If you want a Samsung Galaxy phone on a contract, Carphone has some zinging deals on until Tuesday night.

If you want a Samsung Galaxy phone on a contract, Carphone has some zinging deals on until Tuesday night, including a Galaxy S4 for free on a two-year £25 per month contract, and a Note 3 for £33 per month -- with a Galaxy Tab 3 thrown in.

The Galaxy S4 is only available on Vodafone, and you'll need to get a wriggle on -- the deals all end tomorrow at a minute before midnight, and are only available online, not in store. The S4 is ready to go in red, black and white.

Also worthy of consideration are the Galaxy S4 Mini -- in pink, purple, orange, black or white -- for £17 per month on O2 and the Ace 3 for £13 per month on Vodafone. Both are much less powerful than the S4, but share some of its class. I wouldn't bother with the Galaxy Fame, which is only £7.50 per month with £24 cashback, but far too underpowered to be still going strong in two years.

If you want to do all your Christmas shopping at once, you can get the pretty rubbish Galaxy Y for £17 per month on Orange with two free gadgets, the nifty Galaxy Camera, and the decent 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3. The contract they come with has only 250MB of data, however.

Pay as you go deals include last year's Galaxy Ace 2 for £90 and Galaxy S3 Mini for £120. The ancient Galaxy Ace is just £40, but I'd steer well clear of such aged tech.

Other options

If you'd rather pay up front for a phone and find your own cheap service contract, the best value blowers are the Google Nexus 5, from £299 direct from Google, and the Motorola Moto G, which is generally available for £135. Tesco has been flogging it for as little as £99 (or £129 for the better value 16GB model), but it's currently out of stock.

Are you hoping for a Samsung mobile this Christmas? Or are you shopping around for something a little more affordable? Point out your favourite deals down in the comments, or over on our well-stocked Facebook page.

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