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Samsung Galaxy S4 doubles 4G speeds with new model

There's a new, even faster version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its way -- twice as fast, in fact, but it's unlikely it'll reach the UK.

There's a new, even faster version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its way -- twice as fast, in fact.

Samsung has confirmed a new version of the S4 that uses LTE-Advanced to connect to the Internet, grabbing data at nearly double the rate of today's 4G LTE phones and networks.

Sadly, in order for us to get the LTE-Advanced S4 here in Blighty, we'd need an LTE-Advanced phone network. We're unlikely to see the speedier S4 any time soon.

The new S4 makes its debut in South Korea as soon as next month, according to Reuters. It'll cost slightly more than the current version.

Meanwhile, in stuff-that-will-come-here news, Samsung is planning to open special in-store mini-shops in British stores, after mini-shops in US Best Buy outlets saw Samsung tablet sales triple.

S4 + 4G 4eva 

The S4 works on Britain's only current 4G network, EE, and should work on other 4G phone networks too, when rival companies launch their own super-fast services later this year.

Vodafone expects to start 4G by the late summer, although Three says it's in no hurry. EE has already promised a speed boost for the 4G network, which reaches more than 70 towns and cities. EE also recently announced 4G sharing with friends and family, and PAYG data.

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