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Samsung Galaxy S3 'Ultrafast' on Three touts DC-HSDPA

The new version of the Galaxy S3 is available from today, but what's with the old version of Android?

Three is selling a second version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- one that's compatible with the network's speedy DC-HSDPA technology.

The new model, dubbed the Galaxy S3 'Ultrafast', is nigh-on identical to the standard S3, but should benefit from Three's speedier network tech, which the operator claims already covers 55 per cent of the UK.

Speed-wise, DC-HSDPA isn't quite in the league of 4G LTE, of the kind currently offered exclusively by EE.

It's likely that this 'Utrafast' mobile is actually identical to the Galaxy S3 LTE we've already reviewed, as that phone supports both LTE and DC-HSDPA. Several days ago Three promised that an LTE-ready version of the S3 would be due this month, so I've contacted the network Three to clarify whether this new mobile is the LTE-ready S3 of legend.

If Three has started flogging the LTE-capable Galaxy S3, it could make it a more compelling buy. That's because Three has vowed to offer 4G services at the same price as current contracts, so if it rolls 4G into its existing Ultrafast network, you could buy a DC-HSDPA-capable S3 now that will automatically start picking up 4G signals when Three gets LTE later this year.

Wot, no Jelly Bean?!

Oddly the 'Ultrafast' Galaxy S3 is going to arrive running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, rather than the newer version 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is currently present on the bog-standard Galaxy S3, and comes pre-loaded onto the Galaxy S3 LTE that we reviewed in November.

I've checked with Three and that version of Android is indeed correct. You may want to hold off on purchasing this mobile as a result, because Jelly Bean brings some extra software treats, such as Google Now.

Do you need faster data, or are you happy with 3G? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.