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Samsung Galaxy S3 to get wireless charging, April launch?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumoured to arrive with wireless charging tech, while an April launch may be on the cards.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could feature wireless inductive charging tech, while a launch next month could also be on the cards. A Galaxy S3 news double-whammy!

First up, the much-hyped successor to the Galaxy S2 could refill its battery reserves without the need for irksome cables, Korean publication DDaily reports (via The Verge).

If this rumour proves genuine it would likely mean plonking your Galaxy S3 down on or next to a charging pad to supply it with power, though distances of 1-2 metres are mentioned in the original report.

Inductive charging is a technique that uses an electromagnetic field to beam juice from a charging station to a gadget. It sounds exotic, but this is the same sort of tech you'll find in electric toothbrushes. The downside is that it's not as efficient as plugging in a wired charger.

So will the S3 feature wireless charging? It's entirely possible -- while it's an unusual feature, the Palm Pre played host to this tech way back in 2009.

We'll know for sure when the S3 launches, which recent rumours suggest could be next month. Korean site reports that Samsung China exec Kim Young-Ha has revealed that Samsung's new flagship could be launched in April, rather than in May.

"In order to increase sales of the Galaxy S3 as well as the Galaxy Note, which is already very popular in China, the company is considering rescheduling the rollout of the Galaxy S3 from May to April," the site says.

Intriguing. That means we could have mere weeks to wait before we get our peepers on the Galaxy S3. We know for sure it'll be landing in the first half of this year, with Samsung snubbing Mobile World Congress, choosing instead to debut the S3 at its own special party.

And when that party gets started, you can bet CNET UK will be on hand to bring you all the news as it happens, as well as eating all the snacks and keeping inebriated party guests away from the pre-defined Spotify playlist.

Are you holding out for the S3? Or is there another mobile you've got your eye on? Tell me in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.