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Samsung Galaxy S3 takes on Lumia 928 in new Nokia teaser

Nokia has released another video comparing the new Nokia Lumia 928 with the Samsung Galaxy S3, this time on sound recording.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is shouting the odds again, squaring up against the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a dimly lit subway. Even though the 928 isn't officially announced yet, Nokia has released another video of the new phone with its rival, this time comparing sound recording.

The Lumia 928 will be revealed next week. In the meantime, Nokia's video shows the 928 and the S3 recording brass buskers in the New York subway and comparing the results.

And yes, this being a Nokia video, the 928 once again comes out on top, claiming no distortion. Click play below to see the video:

Now, I'm no audiophile, but I have no problem with the S3's recording. This isn't a lovingly crafted jazz album, it's a recording of those guys you saw that time in the subway -- you remember those guys? that was cool -- and that's exactly what the S3's recording sounds like.

Who will emerge victorious from the next challenge? I'm not a betting man, but I'd lay odds on it being Nokia. The suspense is killing us!

Curiously, the iPhone is left out of today's challenge. Yesterday Nokia released a first comparison video, pitting the 928's PureView camera against the S3 and Apple's iPhone 5 on a roller coaster -- guess who won.

Other challenges I'd like to see include a comparison of call quality, Web browsing, and how far each phone flies across the room when you accidentally snag the charger cable.

Can Nokia compete with the likes of the iPhone, the S3 and the new Samsung Galaxy S4? Record your thoughts in the comments or busk it on our Facebook wall.