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Samsung Galaxy S3 release date appears, but is it real?

An invite to the launch of the Galaxy S3 has surfaced online, citing a 22 May unveiling. But is it to be trusted?

An invite to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has surfaced online, citing a 22 May unveiling. But is it to be trusted?

The image, which surfaced in Korea and was spied by Yahoo (Google translate link), shows a tempting teaser snap of what would be the back of the S3, rocking a slick chrome finish. But is this the real deal? Or a dodgy Photoshop effort?

The teasing image of the is-it-isn't-it-S3 is accompanied by the words, "Samsung Galaxy S3, new generation coming."

Obviously that phrasing's not impeccable, but it is the kind of nonsensical marketing speak tech manufacturers are keen on bombarding us with, as is: "What's your smart life?" Seriously folks what could that possibly mean?

The 'May 22nd' date could be a little suspect -- it's quite unusual to receive invites to these kinds of events that far in advance.

Apple tends to dole out invites to its big launches just a week or so in advance, and by ditching Mobile World Congress as a venue to show off the S3 and choosing to reveal its new toy on its own terms, it's certainly Apple that Samsung has been imitating so far. On the other hand, seeing as this image is supposedly 'leaked', perhaps it was only meant to be made public a week before the given date.

On the other hand London is a rumoured venue for the S3 launch, as Samsung is a big Olympic sponsor, and is planning on handing out NFC-enabled phones to athletes attending the games this summer. But a mischievous Photoshopper would know that as well.

Chrome alone

Probably the biggest reason to believe this is fake is the picture of the S3 itself, because the slick, chrome, rounded design teased in this image would be a radical departure from the look of existing Samsung smart phones. Devices like the Galaxy S2, Nexus and Note have all looked relatively similar -- sporting a black, rounded, plastic chassis that makes for a very thin and light mobile.

The shiny metal slab in this image looks rather hefty however, and I haven't seen anything like that groove in the side on any recent Samsung gadgets.

As a result I'm sceptical. But what do you think? Are you gazing at the rump of one of history's most anticipated smart phones? Or just the spout of a fancy tap? Speculate away in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Yahoo Korea