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Samsung Galaxy S3 outed by Samsung in official app

Samsung may have outed the Galaxy S3 name in the description for an official launch app. It's likely to just be a keyword though.

Samsung may very well have outed its new Galaxy S3 super-phone in the description for an official app designed to let you stream the phone's unveiling on 3 May.

The Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 app has gone live on the Android Market Google Play store, and if you're particularly eagle-eyed, you can spot a reference to the Galaxy S3 in the description. Although wild speculation has been circling the new phone for months, this is the first time we've seen anything close to a confirmation on the name.

Before we start writing it in stone, this doesn't necessarily mean it's what it's going to be called when it lands. Samsung may very well be simply trying to drum up attention for the app by using the S3 title as a keyword, thereby letting people know that it'll be about the next flagship phone, rather than a low-end Galaxy device that fewer people would care about.

Last week I spoke to a telecoms insider who told me not to expect the S3 name -- it's quite possible Samsung will 'do an Apple' and mess around with the naming conventions, as we've seen with the irritatingly named new iPad.

Whether or not Samsung totally ditches the 'S' name remains to be seen, but I'm not pre-writing any headlines with it just yet. Given that the new phone is supposed to be the official phone for the London Olympics, I'm guessing they're going to go with the Galaxy Olympia. You heard it here first.

The phone -- whatever it's called -- is due to be unveiled at a launch event in London on 3 May. If you can't attend then get hold of the app, which will allow you to see a live stream of the event, along with official press releases and photos of the new phone.

What do you make of the name? Do you expect it to be the S3, or will Samsung opt for something more bizarre like the Galaxy Burrito, or Galaxy Rock-around-the-clock? Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

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