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Samsung Galaxy S3 on sale early in London

Order your Samsung Galaxy S3 from the Samsung shop at Westfield in London and you can get it before the rest.

Want to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 early? Order your S3 from the Samsung shop in East London and you can get your hands on it a day before the rest.

The S3 hits shops on 30 May -- two weeks today, phone fans! But you can pick yours up on the evening of 29 May if you get your order in early to the Samsung store in the giant Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.

From 6pm onwards you could be the only person in the country with your very own S3. Proper swag, as the kids say. The phone isn't available to buy in the Samsung store on 29 May, just available to collect if you pre-ordered it either in the store or online.

What if you're not in London but you still can't wait to get your hands on this hotly-tipped quad-core Android powerhouse? Don't jump on a London-bound train just yet, as the early bird offer may also be available in shops outside the Big Smoke. Samsung has told other retailers they can hand out pre-ordered phones from 7pm on 29 May, meaning that you'll be just an hour behind the very first Cockney to pick up their S3. We'll keep you posted on which shops decide to take up Samsung's offer.

The S3 is on all the main phone networks from 30 May. The 16GB model is available across the board, but the 32Gb model with its roomier memory is only available on Vodafone for the first month.

If you don't want to tie yourself to a contract, the S3 costs just under just under £500 SIM free.

To help you decide, we've highlighted the best deals in our regularly-updated Samsung Galaxy S3 price comparison. To see what all the fuss is about, press play on our video below:

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Will you be shooting down to Stratford for a 6 o'clock S3? Or does a couple of hours not make much difference? Spill your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.