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Samsung Galaxy S3 name tipped by Kies listing?

A reported listing in Samsung's own Kies software hints that the company's next smart phone will be called the Galaxy S3.

The name of Samsung's 'next Galaxy' smart phone is still secret, but an apparent listing inside the company's own software hints that it will indeed be going with the 'Samsung Galaxy S3' moniker.

In a week filled with exciting Samsung-related tidbits, SamMobile has spotted two versions of the Galaxy S3 in Kies, the horrible bit of software that owners of Samsung devices use to update their phones.

Two devices called the 'Galaxy S3' are listed, with one bearing the model number GT-I9300 and the other called GT-I9300T. That suggests we could see two versions of the S3, though the difference could be very slight -- perhaps two models for different regions, for example.

I've been unable to locate the same listing using Kies, even having reinstalled and chosen France as my location, as Android Central suggests is necessary. The images could be faked, of course, or perhaps the listing has since been removed by Samsung. Let me know if you've spotted it by dropping a note in the comments.

The thumbnail in the image is too tiny to see clearly, but it looks exactly like the picture used next to the Galaxy Note's listing. If this is genuine, then the image is likely just a placeholder.

Samsung has mentioned 'Galaxy S3' before -- a description in a recent app gave name to the device.

A source speaking to CNET UK had tipped us off, saying, "don't expect it to be called the S3", but it looks like perhaps Samsung is choosing the obvious title for its upcoming blower.

The supposed Kies listing uses the number '3' rather than 'III' as a suffix for the new phone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is formally titled 'Galaxy SII', but we've always typed it with a '2' because, well, that just makes more sense. Hopefully this listing is a sign that Samsung has ditched the daft Roman numerals.

Thus far, Samsung's referred to its mysterious mobile only as the 'next Galaxy'. If it really wanted to surprise us, it could make that the final name, a la 'new iPad'. We'll know its name for sure in one week's time.

What weird and wonderful names can you devise for the Galaxy S3? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: SamMobile