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Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked photo and specs hint at dual boot

Yet another supposedly 'leaked photo' of the S3 emerges -- so is this the real deal this time or not?

If you thought the parade of Samsung Galaxy S3 'leaked photos' would have to dry up soon, think again.

Such is the thirst for news of Samsung's fabled follow-up to the much feted S2 that the Internet's photoshop wizards are being kept very busy indeed.

The latest traffic generating purportedly bona fide snap has surfaced on Reddit, where it was spotted by Android fan site Talk Android.

This snap is not so much 'photoshop wizardry' as badly photographed generic-looking slab-phone made to look like it was photographed in a real big hurry -- hence the flash that conveniently drowns out lots of on-screen detail.

The story, as Talk Android tells it, is that the photo was snapped by a Samsung employee who decided to share it with some of his friends -- one of whom then shared it with his 'friends' on the alien-themed social behemoth known as Reddit.

The Samsung employee's buddy also threw in a fair few juicy details about the maybe-it-is-probably-isn't S3, including that it might have two optional launchers: either Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung's TouchWiz overlay or 100 per cent pure unadulterated ICS.

The source added, however, that Samsung isn't sure whether it will stick with TouchWiz or have the dual launcher option. So maybe it will, MAYBE IT WON'T (maybe).

Another rumoured spec casually throw into the rumour mill is that the S3 will have a 4.7-inch screen -- making it rather larger than the S2's 4.3 inches -- and definitely too big for my tiny hands.

The talkative source also reckons the S3 will have a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen and a ceramic "micro arc oxidation" back -- aping one of the finishing options HTC has slathered all over the HTC One S, a device which does really exist (honest -- I've seen it).

Confirming another recent S3 rumour, the source reckons the processor will be a quad-core Exynos 4412 -- and round the back you'll find a 12-megapixel snapper.

Other specs attached to this leak are that the S3 will have 2GB of RAM, a beefy 2,250mAh battery (but no wireless charging) and will be a waifish 8mm thick. There will also be no "bump" on the S3 -- rather it'll be as smooth as a babe's botty, or so the source's buddy reckons.

Does this S3 sound like the real deal to you? Or are you smelling a rat? Let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook page, read our complete guide to Galaxy S3 rumours and watch our comprehensive video below.

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