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Samsung Galaxy S3 latest image shows off home button

The latest leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S3 features a physical home button.

Take a gander at this picture: this is what the Samsung Galaxy S3 won't look like. Or might look like. Who knows? Anyway, look at all those buttons!

The photo is the latest leaked image of the hotly-anticipated successor to the phenomenally successful Samsung Galaxy S2. But just like previous images, it doesn't necessarily give an insight into the final design of the new phone, as Samsung is showing it to friends and partners with dummy casings.

The disguised S3 does give away some clues, however. Notably, it features a physical home button, possibly confirming reports that Samsung's design team opted for a home button at the last minute. And as well as the physical button, there's a signature Android phone row of touch-sensitive buttons beneath the screen.

Slashgear spotted the dummy S3 on Reddit, although it's since disappeared from the forum where it first appeared.

Rumours have reached white-hot intensity ahead of the S3's launch. A leak by Amazon suggests a 12-megapixel camera, and a hands-on video suggests a 4.6-inch, 720p screen. There was also talk that it wouldn't even be called the S3, but an official app suggests that's not the case.

Ahead of the launch, Samsung has ramped up the tension with a teaser video that takes a not-so-subtle jab at iPhone owners.

The S3 is unveiled next Thursday here in London -- and we'll be there in force. Keep it CNET for the first and latest news, previews and videos of the new S3 in action.

In the meantime, hit play on the video below to see the latest on the S3 and everything else that's happening in the world of phones.

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