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Samsung Galaxy S3 is half price with Tesco Clubcard points

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on a phone contract is half the up-front price for the next fortnight, if you have enough Tesco Clubcard points.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on sale today at all the major networks and phone shops. Today we can add Tesco to that list -- and you can get it half price with your Clubcard.

Sign up to any phone network's phone contract through Tesco and you can use Clubcard points to pay the upfront cost of the S3. For the next two weeks, during the supermarket's Clubcard Voucher Exchange, those points are worth double. So because the cheapest deal involves shelling out £50 to O2 up-front, you only need £25 worth of points.

Let me explain. If you have a Clubcard you earn one point for every £1 you spend in Tesco or online. Normally they're worth 1p. But during the month-long Voucher Exchange, your points can be swapped again for a token that's double the value. So if you spend £500 you get 500 points, which gets you £5 of vouchers -- which you can then swap for a £10 token.

Like in the telly advert where the kid is washing the car and doing the hoovering and his mum's like, "Why's he washing the car and doing the hoovering? He's normally a right little bleeder," and it turns out the mercenary little git wants to be paid in Clubcard vouchers so he can double the value and buy a Nerf gun. Kids: always workin' an angle.

So in order to pay for an S3 with Clubcard tokens, you need £25 of vouchers, which means you need 2,500 points, which means you must have spent £2,500 in Tesco. That's six months of £100 weekly family shops, or three years of buying a sandwich and a packet of crisps every lunchtime at the Tesco Metro on the high street.

On a contract with a higher up-front cost, you could still double up your Clubcard points, but you'd need to have swiped that little blue card an awful lot.

Click here for more information on the Tesco Clubcard Voucher Exchange, including a timer showing how long is left in the deal. The scheme ends in two weeks' time, on 13 June.

If you want to secure the best S3 deal, let us help with our regularly updated Samsung Galaxy S3 price comparison guide. Or you may find if you've got the cash to buy the phone outright you could save money in the long run, by buying the S3 for around £500 SIM-free and getting a cheap deal from GiffGaff or elsewhere.

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Have you bagged a bargain on the S3? Have you, or anyone anywhere, ever got anything decent from your Clubcard, Nectar or other loyalty points? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.