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Samsung Galaxy S3 imminent and Liquidmetal iPhone 5 in video

We take you through this week's phone news around the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Liquidmetal iPhone 5 and the upcoming Nokia 808 PureView.

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In this week's episode of Phone News, we discuss the imminent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- and its not-so-revolutionary design -- how the iPhone 5 might be made of liquid metal and Nokia's PureView 808 super camera phone is priced ready for the UK.

The CNET UK office had a rush of excitement earlier this week when an invite to a Samsung launch event on 3 May plopped into our inboxes. It simply read "come and meet the next Galaxy", which can only mean the Galaxy S3 is inbound! We were very disappointed Samsung's latest blower didn't show its face at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, but it's now only a couple of weeks away.

Sadly though, a telecoms insider I was chatting to indicated that it's only going to be a minor upgrade, like the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4. It's likely to have a quad-core processor similar to the HTC One X, but outwardly, this phone is going to be much more of an evolution than a revolution.

My source also noted that it might not be called the S3, so we'll have to wait and see exactly what this phone is all about.

Apple's own superphone the iPhone 5 has been stirring up the rumour pot too, this time with leaks from Korean insiders that it's going to be made from Liquidmetal. Sadly, that doesn't mean your phone will be able to morph into knives like the Terminator, but instead refers to the alloy made by Liquidmetal technologies which Apple bought exclusive rights to back in 2010.

Why should you be excited about this? The material in question is very strong, durable and can be heat-formed like plastic, meaning that it should be easier to give the chassis a more fluid design. It's only a rumour, so we might not see anything too radical when the new iPhone drops -- perhaps sometime in June or October -- but it's nice to dream of some mad designs.

Nokia has been a hot topic this week too, as the super-snapping phone the 808 PureView has been given a £540 price tag, suggesting it might be on its way to our shops soon. The 808 took MWC by storm as it packs a whopping 41-megapixel sensor that promises super high-quality shots that most phones can only dream of.

That price tag certainly isn't set in stone though and it's likely to change before it actually hits stores. We really hope it drops by quite a bit, especially as it's going to be running Symbian, rather than sport the delightful colourful tiles of Windows Phone. Boo.

And finally, rising mobile gaming star Draw Something has been updated to make it easier to share your embarrassing scribblings with the world. What's even more important though is that you can now challenge us to a game! Simply enter the username 'cnetuk' and hit us with your best pictures. I warn you though, we're pretty hot.

That's all from the phone world for this week, but let me know your comments below or over on our simply amazing Facebook page.