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Samsung Galaxy S3 fresh 'leaked' pic smells fishy

Could this be the eagerly anticipated follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S2? We're sceptical.

Another day, another leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Could this be the face of the follow-up to the insanely popular Samsung Galaxy S2?

Ffffffffffff. That's the sound of me bursting your bubble. This picture is about as convincing as a sunglasses-wearing polar bear at a grizzlies-only party. In plainer lingo, it's as fake as an estate agent's handshake.

Indeed, it's much the same mock-up image as the one we wrote about last month -- sharing the trio of Ice Cream Sandwich touch-keys on the bezel and thus doing away with the squashed-square home key.

Replacing the home button with touch-keys would signify Ice Cream Sandwich is fully loaded onto the S3 -- if this was actually the S3 -- being as ICS allows Android users to ditch front-facing physical keys.

Today's leak photoshop mock-up of the most eagerly anticipated handset since the last most eagerly anticipated handset comes courtesy of a tipster who's been emailing Phone Arena.

The sneaking tipster's S3 mock-up is keen to convince us that D-day for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 22 March at 8pm. So you can at least cross that date off as unlikely to be the real deal. The S2 launched in April last year, so don't be too surprised if you have to wait until next month to get your hands on the sequel.

In the meanwhile, if your hankering for S3 news is driving you wild, why not check out our S3 complete guide -- which rounds up the most plausible S3 specs-ulation and funnels it directly into your eyeballs.

Do you reckon the S3 will ditch the home key? If it does will you cry? Write your ode to the home key in the comments or pour out your heart on our Facebook page.

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