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Samsung Galaxy S3 deals revealed, 32GB model only on Vodafone

Vodafone has unveiled prices for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it's the only choice if you want to be first to show off the 32GB model.

Vodafone has unveiled its prices for the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- and it's the only game in town if you want to be the first to show off the 32GB model.

The S3 is available to order now from Vodafone, for delivery "by the end of May". The 32GB model is exclusive to Vodafone UK for the first month, so it won't be on sale anywhere else.

The cheapest deal is £26 per month, on top of which the phone costs £150 and you get a paltry 250MB of data.

Fork out £46 per month and you'll get a free 32GB S3 with 1,200 minutes of calls and unlimited texts. The 16GB model is free if you commit to paying £41 per month for the next two years. That nets you 900 minutes, unlimited texts.

Both deals also include 2GB of mobile data, and 2GB of Wi-Fi in BT Openzone public hotspots. Thanks to Vodafone's Data Test Drive policy, if you go over your data allowance at any point in the first three months you won't be hit with a charge.

One year contracts are available, but you have to pay at least £36 per month for the privilege and the phone will set you back £220.

On top of your regular contract allowances, some of the S3 deals also offer 100 free tracks from Vodafone Music. That's 25 tracks to download each month for the first four months of your contract.

Press play on our video below to see the new S3 in action:

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in white or very dark blue. The SIM-free phone is likely to cost around £500, according to Amazon, while O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Three will all offer their own contracts. Keep an eye on our guide to the S3 price and release date to stay abreast of the best deals.

Are you tempted by Vodafone's deals? If you want the 32GB version, are you going to go with Voda or can you force yourself to wait? And how much data is a good amount for a Web-connected powerhouse like the S3? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.